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We purchased a spec Village Builder home in Creekside Park - The Woodlands Texas, in July 2011. In October 2011 we submitted a warranty issue to have the carpet looked at for seams showing and the carpet prematurely wearing. The carpet repair was completed and the high traffic areas were raked to reloft the fibers. This did not last long, so in January 2012 we were discussing some of the warranty issues that we were having with our neighbors. We showed our neighbor the carpet issue we are having and to our surprise, they too had the same problem with the exact carpet. Village Builders / Lennar warrantied their carpet issue after several months of going back and forth with everyone from the managers to the directors of customer care and construction. In January 2012 we filed a warranty claim for the badly worn carpet. VB sent out an inspector from the carpet company and he confirmed that the carpet was badly worn for only being 7 months old, and that there was nothing that could be done to get the carpet to reloft in the high traffic areas. The carpet company then sent out an "independent inspector" to test the carpet for manufacture defects, and of course the inspector sent us a letter stating that he did not discover any manufacture defects. We were warned by our neighbor that all of these processes would have to take place before anyone from corporate would take our issues serious. We went to the area construction manager and he denied that there was anything wrong with out carpet, and stated that our neighbors issue was different. We then went to Joe Barwinski, director of construction, and Daris Horn, director of customer care, and they both came to my house to view the carpet. Joe agreed that the carpet looked worn in the high traffic area, while Daris fumbled around on the carpet raking it with her fingernails. She then stated that we had upgraded carpet, which we do not, and said that my neighbors carpet issue was a "gluing" issue, which it was not. To be honest, I'm not sure why Daris was at my house since she clearly was not properly prepared. A few days later I received a letter from Darin stating that Lennar Homes denied our warranty claim and she was "able to reloft the carpet with my fingernails." Are you serious? So I should vacuum and reloft the carpet with my fingernails in order to keep it from looking worn? To make matters worse, James Perry with Lennar in Miami called me to tell me that I should not worry about my neighbors house, and that "you cannot force us to give you money, if we gave money to your neighbors." I was flabbergasted and insulted that he made this about money when I was clearly asking for a warranty issue to be resolved. As I stated to the construction supervisor, the carpet inspector #1, the carpet inspector #2, the construction manager, the director of customer care, the director of construction, and whatever title James Perry hold, I want my carpet replaced under my existing warranty, just as you did for my neighbor that had the exact same carpet and the exact same wearing issue. Nothing more.

Daris Horn and James Perry took a simple warranty issue (that was honored for my neighbor) and used it to turn a happy and content Village Builder customer into a outraged and displeased Village Builder customer.

"Every company's greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company."

-Michael LeBoeuf

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I am looking in to buying a new spec home by Village Builder in the area and this has served as a helpful warning not to buy from them. I hope you get your carpet replaced.

Sounds like a nightmare that I don't want a role in. Thank you for the review.

The Woodlands, Texas, United States #622831

If carpet is your biggest issue, be thankful. We're in Creekside as well.

My lawn could have been used for a concrete chunk Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, we discovered the scope of this problem after my son injured himself, on clumps of concrete, while playing in the yard...twice.. We continue having electrical issues with outlets that don't work and breakers that keep popping. 2 of our windows continue leaking when it rains heavily.

If it's windy out, there's a constant dull whirring sound, almost like cards in bicycle spokes. I'll never buy a Village Builder/Lennar home again, ESPECIALLY a used one.

The original owner wasn't here long. I wonder why?

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